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The Panic Project

The Panic Project is a book (?) written by me about my fight with panic disorder. It is a dark fantasy based on my own true story.  So, here are a few words about it for the new readers and a little refreshment for those who are following my work for a while now.


– What is it like when you are having one of those attacks?
– It is chest hurts and I cannot breathe. I have to sit down to the floor leaning my back next to a wall and have to hold myself with my arms bent around me tight, because otherwise I feel like I would fall into pieces. It’s like a crack starting from my chest and it goes all over my body. As if I was made of porcelain, like a doll.
– I cannot imagine this. Try to explain it better.

This feature will be refreshed on every second Saturday.


January 24: My goal and initial info: I’ve never really been a good student

February 7: About the story: The Panic Project #1: The Beginning 

February 21The Panic Project #2: Forbidden Game

March 7: The Panic Project #3: Monsters

March 21The Panic Project #4: The Doll House

April 4: Special: Meet Hugo New!


5 thoughts on “The Panic Project

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  3. I’m sorry to hear that you struggle with anxiety. I do as well so I know how difficult it can be. I wish you all the best and think that you are doing a wonderful thing by creating this blog.

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