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The Colour Book of Spirits


A collection of stories written by Me.

Have you ever felt like you are an outsider? Or you don’t really know who you are? That you want to break free?

To put it simply, these are fantasy stories about my different aspects and my self-growth.

Around the huge Crossroads, hatred and strange horrific tales are circulating. But everything changes when a girl accidentally bumps into a strange boy and ignoring the warnings, she leaves her usual path.

Genres: Fantasy, psychological, gothic.


  • Colour One: Purple

She was standing in the middle of the crossing. The crossing that separated the Royal town from Royal village, where she lived, and what people just called ‘the village’. They always warned her not to go right, nor left just straight along the road to reach the centre of Royal town. She obeyed but the truth is that she always kept standing there for hours waiting for something to happen. Something that forces her to change her usual path. The spring breeze was so light that it playfully fluttered her incredibly fair hair yet she thought she was going to suffocate. She wondered about what would happen if she turned left. According to the locals, at the end of that way, another town existed, which was called Own town, where strange things happen. It was dangerous, or at least they said so, but not as wild as the right path, leading to a deep and dark forest with solid storm clouds above it, where she really never wanted to go.

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