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Let the Monster Out

Loss does not have to be bad. Losing of something that you had throughout a longer period of your life – or even for the most part of it – is always hard but not necessarily bad.

The reason why it is hard, it’s because that thing has grown into you so much you start fear losing it. I believe this is the same with that so-called comfort zone. Where you feel convenient, it’s a place that is peaceful and nothing bad can happen. Well, at least in theory..

The problem with the comfort-zone is the same as it’s good side; withdrawnness. It’s not only that nothing can come in, but you cannot go out of it too. Have you thought about it this way?

Locking things up in yourself can hardly be a solution to any kinds of problems, no matter what others say. The monster they warned you about. The one that can ruin your life with one movement from the very start of it. The one you were so afraid of that you closed it inside of a dark and frighteningly scary place on its own.

Just let that monster out. You cannot know what it thinks or how it feels. Also, you can never know what it will find once it finally sees the light. Maybe, you think it would only cause you harm but what if it was you who hurt that creature? Maybe that monster will be the one who answers your hardest questions. Just let it out finally.
Because, how do you know if it’s truly a monster?



Did the Viridians really disappear?

(First of all, who were the Viridians? You’ll find the answer in Aquamarine.)

Seems so but I hope not. They were kind, unique and magical people. They helped others through hard times and showed people into the direction of the light. Though, they have been destroyed by those who enjoyed their courtesy. Rings the bell? I’m not surprised.

There are people like them, unique, kind and magical. And they are those who are supressed the most. Though, they don’t live in a forest but in a concrete jungle. They hide themselves instead of standing out because of harms they suffered earlier.

I know they exist. And I also know they will come back once again. Those who cry over this world of cruelty and deceit and wants to do something about it. These people are suffering from mental diseases, heavy anxiety and so on. Yet, they don’t give up. They won’t let the hardships destroy them anymore. They won’t scatter again and won’t take the shape of shadowy leaf-people. Also, they won’t let the forest die out again.

And I want to be one of them.

I won’t let others wither away the tree of my life anymore. I’ll grow my roots stronger, strengthen my trunk and fill my branches with blossoms once again. I will dance in the sparkling forest, the symbolic representation of my soul, happily. And I will embrace the scary shadows as well. I’m sure of it. 😉

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