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My Inspiring Role-models

Yesterday, I posted four blogs, more correctly four posts from different blogs, that grabbed my attention so I commented on them. Today, I will choose one of them to talk about why and what I commented and share my further thoughts on the topic.

The post I chose today was on role models. The writer of the post mentioned their role models and what they taught them, and how these models helped them throughout hardships. Let them be parents, friends or even celebrities. You can read the post here:

I mentioned two celebrities, two musicians, namely Lindsey Stirling, also known as the “Dancing Violinist”, and the Belgian singer-songwriter Stromae. I said although I’m not a musician myself (but my childhood dream is to learn to play the violin) not only I like their music but also they and their uniqueness inspires me and knowing a bit of their backgrounds encourages me to have courage facing my own hardships and being unique and different is not bad at all.

Those who may know Miss Stirling, are probably aware of that she had eating disorder and she managed to overcome it. I am suffering from panic disorder which is quite similar to anorexia, and whatever she tells about her illness I always feel like she’s talking right to me. Moreover, although earlier she had been rejected for what she does, she became successful on her own. And this is very inspiring and encouraging. So here’s a song from her which is about her illness and is exactly what is happening to me right now.

My other role-model is Stromae. I’m sure lots of you know him and his music. The reason why he became my role-model is his honest and provocative lyrics, he always tells the truth about life and about this deceiving world. Also, he said something that immediately made him my role-model for life.

“I’m ridiculous, you are ridiculous, we are. Everybody is ridiculous in this place.”

Isn’t he right? So, here’s one of his songs about a childhood without a father (the same is true to me too). And though, the lyrics are quite sad the music is great and always cheers me up.

Thank you for reading and have fun listening to these awesome musicians. 🙂



Good(?) Neighbouring

Today’s assignment on Blogging 101 was to comment on four blogs you haven’t even known yet. So, here are the four blogs I commented on:

Why this? Because I am a type who actually hates unnecessary criticism, especially on appearance. I have braces and until I had enough money to have it, I had been bullied what my teeth look like ever since primary school. Probably due to this, now I don’t care what people look like and sometimes I don’t even realise things people criticise others about. That’s just the way I am. I think, what’s inside is more important than any appearance, no matter how wonderful it may be. And that would be really great if people in this busy world could stop for a moment to learn how to read between the lines.

The second one was about role models, here:

I tend to be really inconfident sometimes (just like everyone else) but there are people who manage to cheer me up whenever I’m down. And the point here, is that maybe what I do here seem to be strange, fuzzy or crazy, that is me after all, and I just have to keep being myself. This is what my role models taught me.

The third one was a simpler but still a meaningful post.

Well, therapy…lost of people could say a lot about it, so I think no special explanation is needed here.

The last one was on successful and happy people. I think, success comes to happy people easier, and happy people are aready successful. And why this post grabbed my attention is because I just want to be happy. Not especially rich or famous, just happy, whatever it means to me.

These were the ones I felt are somehow connected to me. All of them are great, so read them if you feel like, 🙂

Also, thanks for reading this, and sorry for the plain post. I’m not in a very creative mood today. 😛