Iridescent Spirits

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The Panic Project #5 – Special: Meet Hugo

Talking about this  mysterious pal is one of the hardest,
Because Hugo is a character who could be understood the hardest.

He’s a simple guy, yet monstrous and disgusting.
He always appeares whenever I‘m not watching.

Despite his eldritch looks, he seems harmless,
I usually dismiss him, or I should say care more or less.

Though, he creeps ceaselessly into my mind,
Hiking on the mountains of my fantasy through day and night.

He howls, crawls, scratches and bites,
Not caring about the pain that reaches into heights,
Seeking for the sun throughout the endless skies.

These thirteen letters are my name,
Who is now the most hopeless, You or Me?

Next bit of TPP on 18th April 😉



Mr. Sandman Who Works All Day All Night

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Mr. Sandman.”

Mr. Sandman is supposed to come at night. But there are those called Night Owls and those who dream during the sunlight.

I don’t think Mr. Sandman comes only at night but works ceaselessly to make me feel everything’s alright. He comes to me like a ghost, escorts me wherever I go and he strikes in the moment when I’m the most undefended. Whispers to my ears drifting his words to my brain. I am daydreaming. Sometimes about myself or someone who is not me but kind of alike, and I don’t know if this is what I like.

Sometimes, Mr. Sandman sings or plays music that makes my brain work harder and sets it fuzzy. He sends me images, movements, drawings too bad I am not good at any kind of drawing. My hands shaking my ears ringing, I want to make a story that is kind for all of my senses. I am working, working and then comes the night, I can’t fall asleep because Mr. Sandman disappeared with the light. Probably he went on seeing someone else, fulfilling his every-night duty.

Left me alone thinking wildly, just like now with this post, which after I finish, makes me full of worry.