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To myself and my fellow sufferrers of Compulsion for Comformity

Just kill that demon, we can do it!

“If you do anything out of the ordinary, you can be sure someone, somewhere, will get upset,”

(Tamaru, 1Q84, book three by Haruki Murakami)

And remember if they are upset, it’s their problem, not ours! 😉

Hugs ❤



I cannot even think of a proper title for this…

So here’s this guy, on Facebook, one of my “friends”. I wouldn’t call him my friend I just met him a few times. But anyway, he started raging today, posted at least ten times and commented on each posts at least ten times again.

In these posts he kinda’ ordered COWARDLY people to delete him from their friendlist because he wants friends not acquaintances. (Putting aside the cowardly part, he’s correct.) There were two comments by him where he asked, I guess I can say us, to delete him from his life and FB. Also, he told that he only needs righteous people. So then, I wondered why won’t he delete people, instead of begging of ignorant people. But that’s just too simple I guess.

In the second post, he asked if he has God complex. Well, no answers again of course. And also, he said if “you” (I don’t don’t know who he talked about again) think so, then say it if you dare or go to hell. Wow, I’m speechless.

And there were other more outrageous and harsher posts throughout the day, when he cursed the incredulous (I don’t really know which English word to use here, since I don’t know who he talks about but it means someone who doesn’t believe so I think I kind of got it right) and that he has his right to believe, I don’t know in what exactly.

Then came the lskjlab uibwbkjb. He “shouted” out again to the worms to delete him. Also, when someone asked if he’s alright, he answered that he has never been better, and he asked for a lancet (yeah, really) to cut out the cancer from humanity! At that point, even I started to question if he’s really alright. I wasn’t really surprised at first because he had a really hard childhood and he has always been labelled as “strange”, just like me. In the end, he stated that “snakes appeared though I’m operating openly for one day” said it in kind of a sarcastic tone. Obviously he needs attention. But being honest, doesn’t need force, I think.

Actually, I can understand that extreme anger he feels right now about people and the world. But I don’t think that this behaviour would do any good to him. Because half of those people who saw these don’t care at all, and the other half may understand it but remain silent since it is pointless to say anything. And it actually turned out that someone called the police and the ambulance as well, which only increased his anger and I’m sure he never stopped for a moment to think that maybe someone is worried about him.

So what is the point of this post?

Firstly, the reason why I usually refrain from speaking my opinion is that it’s a double-edged sword and in my opinion if you cannot use it wisely, then don’t use it at all. And in this case I think he should just do whatever he wants to make his life or even the world better instead of raging on a site where people usually share photos about food, wines and parties and post deep quotes to pics that don’t even relate.

The other thing is that people tend to criticise others for traits they don’t like about themselves. I think this guy does this too and the problem that he’s a very stubborn type so you cannot even explain to him. Also, I posted it here because I’ve met some people here who may understand it. (Un)fortunately, we’re in a society where everyone is “free” to speak their minds via several social media sites, though I’m not sure people who constructed Facebook, could envision that these kind of things would happen just because there is the sentence: What’s on your mind?

So in the end I got really sad. Because I pitied this guy who actually had some points and also because ever since these highly popular social media sites exist people and the world changed into something not necessarily good. We usually chat instead of meeting, we share our opinions and people either ignore us or we’ll become piled up in a bunch of hate mails. Sometimes, we cannot tell our problems to our families or friends, instead, we’re starting a blog where complete strangers may support and encourage us. It is a really good thing, so don’t misunderstand me, I’m really happy I have found WordPress, but at the same time it’s quite sad, isn’t it?

And labels of course. Even if what you say may have some credit you immediately become strange, crazy or whatever.