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Labyrinth Chase

Steep concrete road leading somewhere high, so sleek I couldn’t find a handle that would help me climb. On the sides of the road people were cheerfully chatting no one desired to help me and I insisted on remaining unnoticed. Finally reacing the top there was a huge nice house so big and compound I couldn’t decide where to enter.

First, a little wooden house greeted me with its neatly arranged simple but warm design. The only one room it contained seemingly served as a doorman; greeting those who wander there and lead them inside to one room after the other. It was pretty and inviting yet an emptiness designed its aura.
The backdoor led to a calm and beautiful little forest, as if I was taking a trip with my classmates. Leaving the woods behind the scenery and the atmosphere changed dramatically. There were no woods any more, no trace of life could be felt anywhere, except the distant sound of the people at the entrance, their joyful chatterings as if they didn’t even know what a strange phenomenon lies right aside their feets.

My journey to the myterious complex went on silently like a thief when sneaks into a house to rob the treasures of those who are sleeping sound. But instead of a dark nightly feeling, the sun shone brightly shedding light on my steps to places unknown.
Rooms lied ahead of me, empty and lifeless waiting for someone to explore their secrets.
Behind a huge old and decayed door deathly silence prevailed wherever my steps took me. After some neat but plain rooms with disused furnishing narrow tunnels led me to an even older room. To get there a hidden door opened in front of me to see dust and useless scraps dancing with the holes on the walls. I had a mate on my journey, a shapeless self foloowing me as a shadow, and both of us knew well where woul lead us our next steps.

But then as we decided on going deeper we could hear the angry noise of the earlier joyfully chatting ignorant people. We hid behind a tatty sofa and tried our best to flee through another hidden door. Opening a door there was another little and shadowy room with no exit only a little window to go through. We crawled and then arrived at a dusty and dark place, this time there were even no windows. Stepping a few ahead thin but long wooden rods were lined up with huge emptiness around them and beneath light and clear air prevailed.
Hearing the people getting louder we crawled on the rods and let us fall down.

Landing on a wooden a floor I realised that now I was completely alone. Self disappered somewhere without me noticing it. But it didn’t really bother me because the place I finally reached was an incredibly empty, abandoned yet peaceful area. It was the temple, the heart of the labyrinth. The temple was all wooden and had no furnishing in it. No tables, no statues or painting on the walls. Yet the back wall was full of glass letting the sunshine in. There was no entrance of the temple only sliding doors on the side of the glassy wall leading to an abandoned, once lovely garden. Sometime in the past one of the sliding doors was left open and through time the dry leaves were swept in making them the only inhabitants of the temple. The angry noise of the people got louder and louder with every step I took further. For some reason they didn’t want me to see what was in the empty labyrinth. Yet I wanted to be there. I stepped out into the garden to see the old-fashioned garden furniture deemed to fade and a nicely constructed little pool with beautifully crafted tiles. All of them were dusty, dirty and the patterns of them started to fade away. A little pond was also there with lively fish inside and nobody knew how they anaged to survive for this long time. Dead leaves covered them as if they were their guardians trying to protect them from the harmful effects of not being taken care of. And finally I was there.

Interestingly enough, the temple opened to a huge and outer space, from the hill where my journey started nothing of these could be seen. Getting my time running out all the people out there were close to the hidden room that led secretly to the temple. Except me, everyone knew, where to get inside. Except me everyone knew where to get outside. The garden I was in did not lead anywhere. I came in through hidden doors losing my sense of time and place along the road. The people were hammering at the door and yelling. Against my will, I finally found another uphill, this time it was soil and wet really really hard to climb. It took me to the entrance, the little wooden house that greeted me when I entered the palace. The little passage avoided the concrete road that led me inside.

On the sides of the road people were cheerfully chatting no one desired to help me and I insisted on remaining unnoticed. They were the same people, the same who chattered, the same who yelled and chased me out. And right when I got out I realised that I completely forgot the way I took to the temple, and even forgot about what I’ve seen there.

Pic from Pinterest

Pic from Pinterest



The Panic Project: #1 The Beginning

Whenever it comes to writing I don’t like thinking of the story as it is based on my life, experience and so on. It makes me uninterested and binds my imagination. So, even though, the Panic Project is based on my story, at first sight there will be nothing about me in it. The looks and traits of the main character, the background and so on. It is also possible that I am not even the main character but somebody else. You will only be able to find me there if you learn to read between the lines.

The very first chapter of the book is already finished (or at least I wrote it 😛 ) which is about how this whole thing started. Unintentionally, seemingly coincidentally, and by outside effects as well. A bloody start where the darkness appears and endeavours the soul, chaning the life of the main character completely. For me, it is the place where I can let the darkness inside me seen by others without fear. And this is very uplifting. 😉

I don’t want to spoil the story, but I have to tell you one thing. The doll, in that quote will have an important part. Literally or in a figurative sense, you ask? It’s a secret. 😛

That would be all for today. I hope you got interested. 😉

Next post on 21st February. Stay tuned!


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Disorder and Dystopia

It was a rainy and dark evening. This girl was waiting for me in front of a huge, massive building. I haven’t seen her since primary school. She didn’t change at all.

The two of us headed to the hall, full of doors hiding elevators. We took one of them. I haven’t seen such an elevator before. It was quite narrow yet we had enough space even for an unfamiliar third person. They both hit buttons with different numbers. I didn’t know which level I was about to go. They told me nothing. But the girl from primary school told me I had to go to a higher level, and said it was good. When the elevator started I looked out on a little hole placed on the door. It didn’t look like as we were going upwards, instead as if we were twirling on the same level endlessly. I felt pleasantly dizzy.

The ride seemed to be lasting for hours when we finally reached our destination. On that higher level, I saw many familiar faces, friends and many other primary school classmates. They stood in a strict order with a very determined expression on their faces. All of them were calm and ready. Before I could say hi to one of my best friends, a black and heavy curtain was lowered on them. He didn’t even look at me. Then the girl and I went forward.

I still didn’t have any exact information about what I will have to do, yet the girl told me everything will be fine, and it means something good that I am here. I was quite nervous. The only thing I knew was that I will have to work in night shift and I was worried as I haven’t slept today.

Then I was led to a room, similar to the elevator where my work outfit was waiting for me. It had a dark bluish colour with shiny patterns on it, copying the midnight sky. It also looked like pajamas. Similar to that of those who I saw in the corridor and who was going to take the sleep-shift. I didn’t know what that meant, yet I hoped I will have to do something similar.

I put on the pajamas-like outfit and went to the girl.

“Will I get the job for sure?” I still couldn’t believe it. She didn’t answer my question only smiled.

All of a sudden, I found myself in a huge room full of computers and people working in deathly silence. The room was dark, only a few neon lights in various colours provided some light. The atmosphere was strict and unpleasant. That guy was in charge here. Though, he had the traits of the perfect leader the way he wieved the world was far too revolutionary and forceful. I felt very inconvenient, yet I continued working.

There was a bald guy sitting in front of me at his computer and I suddenly heard a dim voice coming from his headset. It was the voice of The Leader, and ordered the bald one to have one of the workers here killed. When I heard the names of the killer and the target The Leader chose, I got petrified. The one to kill was also one of my primary school classmates and the target was my best friend at that time.

I had a microphone on my desk and I whispered to my old friend to beware. She heard me so as the bald guy and the killer-girl struck. Behind me, there were the two of them, my friend lying on the floor unmoving and the other girl was sitting on her with something sharp in her hand. I knew terrible things will happen here, and that I was about to get punished.

And then, I woke up.


Colour Four: Aquamarine – The Tale of the Tiny Monster

After she left the forest, the shiny light that surrounded everything dazzled her for a moment. She hadn’t seen such a sight in a long time. She was wandering around aimlessly, when she glimpsed at a stranger with a huge backpack.
For a moment, they stared at each other surprised. The woman the stared at the man, and the man started at the frightened woman. Then, not saying anything, the stranger shrugged and continued his journey. As the monster followed him with her eyes, she noticed tons of people wandering to the same direction as the traveller.

The monster decided to see what was happening there. At first, she found herself in a little town. Its name card announced; Royal Town. Busy people were buzzing around everywhere she looked, and the enticing smell of cakes and other different dishes filled the air, throughout the square.

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Colour Three: Carmine, The Crystal Queen

Royal City, the centre of our little country has always been the place where the honourable and highly respected royal family lived in their magnificent mansion. The Crystal Castle, as most people called it, was placed on an enormous cliff, in a commanding position above the sea.

Each year, for only one day, the castle was opened to the nobility, being invited to a ball, to celebrate the long lasting reign of the family and the prosperity of our country as well.

Once, a young lady, who came from distant lands, was also invited to the party. Her name was Carmine. When she arrived, two identical doormen opened the huge wrought iron gates, and soon led her to the ball room.

At the time she stepped into the room, a view, she had never seen before, petrified her.  The walls were covered with silk in different colours, and only a few candles lit the room poorly. But what she was most amazed by, was the people she saw in front of her. At first sight, they all wore classical ball gowns, and masks covered their faces and strange clothes that seemed to be heavy to wear. They were made of a strange fabric that glittered whenever they turned round and back to the rhythm of the music the band played. At first, all looked like if they had not been coloured but during their movements their outfits glittered in different colours, as if they were crystals, depending on from which side she looked at them.

The dance they performed was also something unusual to Carmine. Their movements were classical but halting at the same time.  Carmine was just standing there alone, a little ashamed of her regular gown, watching the myriad of different colours moving. Suddenly, a young man appeared before her, and stretched his hand out to invite the lady for a dance. Carmine did not say anything, only nodded. A few minutes later they were already moving along with the crowd. The man was so good at this kind of dance that they really melted into the scene. After the song ended the couple went out to the balcony where the man gave a flower, deep red like blood, to the lady. Without words, she took the flower and put it under her dress. She did not realise that a thorn cut her finger and a little drop of blood left a stain on the marble floor.

Not long after the ball, Carmine got married to the young man, the son of the royal family. They raised their four children in extreme wealth and kept holding their marvellous balls each year. Carmine’s maids always dressed her tight clothes to hide every little flaw of her body. In the beginning she did not like these clothes but everyone in the court stuck to the rule of ultimate perfection.

As years passed, Carmine got used to and even liked those inconvenient clothes. She got used to them so much that she did not put them off even when she went to bed, despite she could not sleep well anymore. Her hair was decorated with her diamond crown, the crystals of which slowly crept down to her face and connected to her mask that she also wore every single time.

Day by day she marvelled looking at herself in the mirror. Her beauty was known worldwide, „The Crystal Queen” people started to refer to her by this name because of her shining beauty. But sometimes, her reflection in the mirror seemed to be someone completely different, as if she was looking at a stranger. Though the reflection copied Carmine’s every little movement like a slave, the woman who lived in the mirror, had her long, ink-black hair flatter, and her ocean blue eyes were not covered by make-up, nor mask. Her dress was a simple, white nightgown, and she had no shoes. She very was familiar to Carmine, though she could not remember where she could have seen this girl before.

But one day, the reflection, independently of Carmine, placed her palm on the glass of the mirror and started to speak. Carmine could not hear any of the reflection’s words. The girl seemed to be terrified and desperate and the queen tried to read her lips, in vain. Later, the reflection moved on her own more frequently. By that time, Carmine hardly slept and ate, and still did not know who that scared girl in her mirror was.

Long time passed when the Queen realised that, although the girl could be noticed easily, from the room that should also have been reflected, could not be seen anything. No furniture, no lights, only the girl and darkness. And one more thing; stalks. After a deeper look, Carmine noticed that heavy and thick stalks writhed around the reflections neck and arms, as if they were trying to trap her. Then, for the first time, Carmine got frightened by the mirror. Maybe there was a reason why the girls was imprisoned there, she thought to herself. But, no matter how hard she tried she could not remember whether the girl had been there when she moved to the castle. Nor the mirror. She was unable to remember any of them.

During nights, the Queen’s sweet dreams were not only disturbed by her clothes but also the knocking of the girl in the mirror. The harder she tried to ignore her, the harder the reflection thumped.

Soon, the Queen gave birth to her fifth child, a little girl. On that night, she stepped to the mirror, and as she had seen it from the girl, she placed her hand on the cool glass of the mirror. The girl, after a few seconds copied Carmine. Their palms seemingly met, however Carmine felt the girl is far away from her. She saw her unreachable.

Their glance met, and for the first time the same emotion reflected in both pairs of the ocean blue eyes; despair. All of a sudden, the glass of the mirror, under their palms, cracked. Carmine stepped back led by fear, she did not know what happened. At that time, the reflection grabbed something unnoticeable from behind her back and threw it towards the mirror. Sharp and searing pain flew throughout the Queen’s whole body. This time, it was her turn; her expression was the perfect copy of the reflection’s look. All over the crown and mask of the Queen cracks appeared and soon on her dress and body as well.  Then, the stalks that had been restraining the reflection, slowly slackened and disappeared in the darkness. The mirror shattered into pieces. The reflection stepped out of the mirror but it was as dark as her prison was. She was scared and could only think of that all of her efforts were in vain. She looked around but could not see any escape. As she took a few steps forward in the darkness, something stung her feet. She stepped on the remains of Carmine. All of a sudden, beginning from the pile, the floor and the walls started to crack and everything shattered just like a piece of ordinary and cheap glass. The moonlit night sneaked in the room bringing the pleasant summer breeze and the scent of the ocean with itself. Now, for first in a long time, the reflection could breathe. Finally, she also could feel her limbs and body that was vibrating.

She already could hear her servants and possibly his husband, the king, approaching the place of the disaster. She gently put her new-born baby in her arm, went out to the half-demolished balcony and threw herself in the depths. It was a silent night, only the rumble of the sea could be heard.

The next day  Royal City was buzzing loudly with the case of the death of mother and child. Some of them told about an in-labour death, others said it was the king, who killed them both and according to the rest the whole story was a well-constructed lie. But the truth remained within the walls of the castle. After the incident, the king became more engaged in his work letting their children be raised by the staff of the mansion.

The vessel was rolling on the torrents, and a little girl was running on the deck chasing some birds that were flying around there. The woman, who was taking care of her, with something unrecognizable in her hand stood by the rail, marvelling at the reddish scenery of the rising sun, when that thing stung her finger. It was still as sharp as on that night even after those many years, she smiled. ‘The Crystal Queen is dead.’ And she dropped that thing, along with her brilliantly shining, but scattered mask, into the sea.


Sarah was touched by Grandma’s story. She did not only understood the moral of it, but something started to bother her that has never popped into her mind before. Without thinking she said,

“You are Carmine, aren’t you?” Asked confidently as if she already knew the answer.

“Who knows?! It was such a long time ago” the answer was faint.

“And you also met the Viridians” this was not a question anymore.

“Why do you think it so?” Grandma was really surprised, but Sarah did not know what exactly surprised her.

“My leg” she started. “On my first day here you healed my ankle within minutes. It’s impossible, it was broken I could feel it!” And then she said what she had suspected for a long time. “You did it with magic, only the Viridians knew, didn’t you?” The old lady remained silent, instead of words her shining eyes and kindly smiling lips answered.

“What would you like to do, Dear?” Her voice was full of pure love.

“I want you to teach me magic!”

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Viridian – The Legend

“So, Grandma, what was that thing in the forest?” Phineas now was able to collect his thoughts and pour them into words. They were already sitting at the table about to start eating.

“Do you really want me to tell?” Grandma seemed to be strange with this topic.

“Of course I wanna know! That thing tried to attack us. Whatever it is, it’s dangerous.”

“Hm. Then so be it. I will share with you what I know” and with that the old lady started to speak. “You have heard about the story of the monster who lives in the forest, haven’t you?” She looked at both of the youngsters. They did not say a word, only nodded. “And, have you ever heard about the Viridians?” The kids looked at her with a puzzled face, then shook their heads.

“The people who used to live in forest were called Viridians.”

“People? There was life in the forest long ago?” Phineas was shocked. He could not imagine how people could live in a place so horrible.

“Not that long time ago, Dear” Grandma interrupted. “They were strange people. Strange but yet amazing. Unique creatures with inspiring energy and extraordinary manners. They were the caretakers of our world.” The children looked at her eyes wide open, so she finally began telling the story.

 “Many years ago, our world was completely different. At that time, that crossroads did not separate the people who lived in its four directions but connected them. That place served as a meeting point where people from different nations could maintain good relationships with one other. It was where merchants earned their livings and itinerants could find shelter. All the four nations lived in peace with each other. There was no mocking or fight as it is nowadays. They created an unbreakable unity. Or at least it seemed to be unbreakable. And that happened due to the courtesy of a special kind of people. They were the inhabitants of the forest, which at that time lived its blooming. These people were the ones who took care of it…

The forest itself used to be the extreme opposite of what it is now. Its people were the reason of it, the nation which lived there years ago. No one knew when and how they got there. The only thing that was certain was that each of them had light brown hair and extremely green eyes with a little shade of blue, which made them hard to notice if someone did not know what to look for”

At this point, the old lady glanced at Phineas meaningfully but she soon continued talking.  

“That is how they got their name; The’ Viridians.’ They were perfect citizens to that forest. These people were famous for their peculiar culture. During their heyday, that place was something otherworldly beautiful, its people fulfilled it with light and life.  They regularly held big feasts and festivals to which anyone was highly welcome. Their sweet voices spread through the area to all the other three directions of the huge crossroads. It was them and their nurturing brightness that unified people.
Only until something evil appeared among the Viridians. It belonged to them as a solid part of the society, so similar that the rest could not realise its threat until it was too late.
The wide-spread version of the legend says that it was a wolf that blended in with the Viridians and slowly destroyed them to gain their magical powers and to be the ultimate ruler of the magical forest. I do not have the right to decide whether if it was true or not. But it is a fact, that that creature had caused several problems to the society. It ruined their feasts, demolished their homes and made their whole life nothing but a mere struggle. It stormed severely from time to time even at the other sides of the crossroads.

As time went by, these people started to take up the attitude of the wolf. At least, they did not care about the forest as much as they used to. Nor about each other. Soon, the nation of the green ones, along with their marvellous traditions, started to fade away. The wolf, deep inside, did not want this. I believe it only wanted some drops of the light the Viridians possessed. But it was too late, the wheel of time could not be turned back.

The green ones after having the other nations turned their backs on them, lost the meaning of their lives and they got on the brink of dying out. They disappeared from the forest one after the other, leaving it to decline. Some of them became decayed trees, the others scattered into rocks or leaves. The light also disappeared with them, and stormy darkness replaced it. However, the essence of them was said to be remained in the forest. Along with the wolf. It has been waiting there sunk into depression and despair. All alone. Until only a tiny glade, hidden somewhere deep, preserved a little fragment of a once beautiful history.

It is still strongly believed that the wolf is able to imitate the sweet songs of the long gone green ones, luring innocent people to the now deserted forest, to devour their souls. But I believe, that the wolf only wants company. To gain back the richness of the forgotten past.

That is what you have seen there. What happened after you left, I do not know. Was that the monster from the tale whom you saw? I do not know. Who was the real monster? I do not know that either. I do not think anybody knows. My opinion is that it was not the monster itself that did the damage but something else. But what I am certain about is that not everything is what it looks like.”

Loud claps and pops from the outside prevented Grandma from finishing her thoughts. Sarah ran to the window and could see people streaming on the streets while they sang old, well-known songs with joy.

“What are they doing?” she kept watching them with amazement.

“They are going to the Royal City Port, to an annual masquerade that is held at this time of the year on the other side of the sea. It is something that replaced our old Crossroads Festival” Grandma now turned to Phineas:

“You should go there too.”

“Me? Why?” He was confused.

“Because if you went there you could find answers to the questions that are whirling in your head. That is why.”

“But still..”

“And!” she spoke up and raised her finger to gain attention. “You need some entertainment as well.”

“Okay” he sighed resignedly. “Tomorrow in the morning I’ll leave.”

“All right! Good night then, Dear.”

“Yeah!” And with that Phineas left the room.

“Grandma, do you believe in magic? That people can have magical powers?” Sarah asked while they were clearing the table.

“Well, dear. I firmly believe that every one of us has some powers. Each different, that affects differently others around us. One is more visible, the other is not. But I am certain that such unexplainable powers do exist and we only need to find them inside us” the old lady smiled and gently patted the young one’s head.

“Why did you send Phineas to the masquerade? You have reasons beside what you said, don’t you?

“Clever girl!” Grandma smiled. ”You know him well already. He is very stubborn and wayward. He already acts like an adult man. But there are things he has to know, and I cannot tell him everything. I have ideas and opinions but those are not facts. And he does need facts.”

“I see” she sank into her thoughts.

“And what about you, Dear?”

“About me? What do you mean?”

“You have some issues as well, I know. You can stay here until eternity if you desire, but problems never solve themselves.”

“I haven’t decided what to do yet” she looked sad by the question and now she remained silent.

“Keep calm, Dear, take your time. But until then, let me tell you another old story.”

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Viridian (Part Two)

She was lying on the ground in the middle of the shiny glade. Something gently touched her chin that was wet from tears and soil. That thing was an extremely dry and light hand that unpleasantly scratched her face. The hand pulled her head high. The sun was still shining brightly so she could not see the face that belonged to the hand but all of a sudden, a powerful stream of well-known emotions warmed her whole body. The shadowy shape soon started talking to her. The sweet voice was more than familiar bringing the spirits of the past to life once again.

“Remember! Why were you after them?” asked the shape kindly. The tiny monster was staring in front of herself silently. She thought back to the two youngsters who had entered the forest recently. She could see them leaving hastily and unbelievably scared. Like everybody else before. She saw them turning their backs at her and leaving her behind. Suddenly, her eyes filled with tears as she realised that they had always been escaping from her.

The shape then made a sound that suggested that it was smiling. Gently patted the head of the tiny monster bringing her back from the depth of her thoughts.

“Go! Go and show them that they misunderstood you! To all of them!” the shadow encouraged her. The tiny monster hearing this, felt a sudden strength flowing through her veins. She turned to the direction of the sound, now she could see the face which was made of colourful leaves that let the sun shine through the pieces of it. She wiped her tears, righted herself and whispered.

“Here I come!” she closed her eyes and the power she suddenly felt drew a smile on her otherwise sad face. A loud thunder crashed in the sky and a stormy wind came from the darker spots of the forest. The sudden power of the storm reached every people in the surrounding villages making them stop whatever they were doing and stare curiously at the skies.

The tiny monster stood up with an invincible gleam in her green eyes and instead of her monstrous, deformed shape, she became thin and fragile again. Her tatty hood fell off her head revealing her long, chestnut hair that flattered in the air. She started running as fast as she could. From the distance, where she soon left the leaf-people, she looked like a majestic bird flying with the wind. She chased the light, ceaselessly looking for a spot where she could leave the forest.

While she was running the stormy wind swept through the forest destroying the abandoned wooden houses clearing away every little trace of a grievous past. As the leaf people saw the tiny monster off, they smiled and collapsed again, letting the whirlwind reach and blow them off, losing the opportunity to gather ever again.

But the monster did not look back anymore. She just kept running until she found a path hidden among the decayed trees and she soon disappeared in the light.