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CreatiWitty or Lacking Focus

‘Give ‘Em What They Want’ said the task today at Blogging U.

Strange. For some reason, ever since I was a child I always struggled to behave and act as others pleased. I think I was quite good at it even though sometimes it was pretty hard and harmful to me. Honestly, I am still trying hard to get rid of this really unhealthy habit.

Yet, or more likely because of this, sometimes I am stuck about what to post here. (Note to myself: Adding a ‘Diary’ category is starting to seem pretty reasonable.)

So, I checked the stats page and besides the things I already knew I found something pretty interesting I cannot really understand.

Firstly, you people appreciate honesty. I’m not surprised at all, this is why I like WordPress. I do not have to be afraid of being looked down if I talk about my problems. You don’t know how much I appreciate it. Moreover, according to the stats page the most popular topics (apart from blogging101,201, naturally) were creativity and mental health/panic disorder. Yes, if I had to describe my blog with a few words, these two would be in the first place. Concerning the days I got the most traffic I couldn’t put two and two together. Possibly that’s because of the unpredictableness of my activity here.

Now, the things I found interesting are the following:

  • When I worked pretty hard on a post (mainly on my stories) somehow they did not meet my expectations. Furthermore, the more I was satisfied with my writing, the less views I got.
  • On the other hand, the ones I wrote so hastily that I had to edit them even after they were published, and I found them fuzzy, hard to understand and lacking focus, gained not only the most views but also the highest number of likes and followers as well. So, I think I can say I really don’t know what is appealing and what is not.
  • Finally, I was told quite a number of times that I am courageous and unique. Honestly, I don’t think I am brave, I prefer calling it ‘rewarding insanity‘ ( 😀 ) which is when you are so fed-up with your fears that all of a sudden you don’t care about them anymore and you do whatever you just want. As for the uniqueness, hm.. I always knew I am a bit different.

So now, I’d like to invite you to participate in a little task here. 

Leave here some words or phrases, that pop into your mind when you think of my blog. (Don’t be afraid, I have my own ideas, I’m just curious.) And also, I would gladly accept any suggestions.

Ready? Set! Comment!



My story, my brand

Today’s task at Blogging U. is to audit your brand.

Well, I had to re-think why I started this blog and what I want to achieve with it. But let’s start from the beginning.

I am currently dealing with a pretty serious panic disorder, that you probably already know. This started so many years ago that I cannot even recall when that almost fatal change in my brain occurred. I’ve already told you that I have my imaginary world I often escape to from the sometimes too harsh reality. There are several stuff I don’t understand about myself and my current situation. It is also true that my strongest desire is to defeat this malicious disease as I don’t want to spend my whole life in such a desperate way.

I always thought of my imaginative sensitiveness as one of my biggest weaknesses. I never felt that this pretty strong trait of mine could make me belong to anywhere. I’ve been bullied and criticised a lot for my weirdness. I was always like why am I like that? Why can’t I be just like others? I often envied my schoolmates, for being strong enough just to decide to sit down and study hard to get better grades. I wasn’t able to do that no matter how determined I was. After a few minutes my mind just went away on its own and I couldn’t call it back. I didn’t want to be like that, it caused me loads of hardships to maintain an ordinary life.

After years of struggling, somehow I managed to change at least a bit. Or I should say hide my Ms Hyde deep within. Was it a good decision? Definitely not, now I regret it.

“I want to be the person who I was when I wanted to be the person I am right now.”

I don’t know who said this but it sums up how I feel pretty accurately.

By now, I decided that probably I should turn that ‘weakness’ of mine to my strongest point. I am a puzzle and I desire to find the missing pieces to make myself a whole person once and for all. This is the main purpose of this blog and my biggest aim in my life as well.

So what can you expect from me?

I am Iridescent, Sometimes I goof around a lot and sometimes I’m deadly serious. You can’t guess which side of mine will appear today, nor can I. As a result of this, you can find several types of posts here, also ones that I never planned to share. This is my shelter after all. I live in a fantasy world full of colours and happiness that resonates with the look of my blog. It’s like me, at first sight it may appear pretty simple and calm, still if you dig deep down you can find the long forgotten pieces of a shattered soul, still waiting to reunite again.


Goals, goals, goals!

Last month I published a post almost every day. If possible, I would like to keep the pace, or publish a new post at least twice or three times each week.

Secondly I’d like to make my fiction stories more appealing to my readers. This was the main purpose of my blog after all. Don’t be afraid, they don’t bite. 😛 (By the way, I also would like to improve my writing and drawing skills as well. :O Shh, it’s a secret…)

It's right there, in the upper right corner.

It’s right there, in the upper right corner.

My third goal would be, of course, to gain more followers, let’s say 200 by the end of March, and make friends with bloggers with similar interests as mine. Hopefully, we can support and inspire each other, or even collaborate. That would be fun!

I know the task says three goals, but there is one more wish of mine. I’d like to gain more followers on my Facebook page as well. I tried Twitter but that didn’t work for me somehow. Maybe in the future.

For now, that would be it. I hope the upcoming month or year will be as awesome as my January was. I happened to meet lots of incredible people who became not only my source of inspiration but also my friends. You are precious to me guys, really. 🙂

Thanks, and I hope you will stay by my side. 🙂