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Little Words, Huge Worlds

I have been sitting on this post way more than it was necessary.

There were tons of things and stuff happening to me lately. I don’t even know where to start.  Maybe I should start by mentioning I have moved to Budapest (the capital of Hungary) half a year ago. To be exact on 4 September …

… because I started university. Yes. I decided to try myself in Japanese, even though I already have a university degree in English. I felt studying on my own and taking a language examination in itself won’t be sufficient for me to step into the next level. And to be honest, I didn’t think of myself as someone creative enough to prevail with my Japanese knowledge(?) in a small town where there is almost no need for Japanese speaking people.



I didn’t know the city, nor anyone living here and nobody came along with me. I had had in mind, that it would be very difficult and both phisycally and mentally tiring, especially since I have to work besides studying, for my family cannot support me. But I had thought I had to take this step so I took it.

Let’s be honest. It IS scary. Even after months have passed by. I’m sure it would be scary for most people, but it is super hardcore for someone with a mental illness. Super hardcore. Period.

Anxiety is not easy in itself and I can confidently say that I have managed to lose my initial goal. What was that again? I am not even willing to go back and read the first paragraph. It is quite okay there, what has happened that has happened. Although, I am still more than ready to throw everything away and go back to the life I had before I moved here. This is one of the things that have kept me away from blogging; I was so overwhelmed by my depression that I have felt everything I had written were some serious crap.

Besides the circumstances, and believe me at this point those are the least important, something has changed. Maybe this blockhead has slowly started to learn the lessons needed.

I have just posted something very little. It is too little in fact, comparing to everything that has happened to me lately, and comparing to those sooo many things I’d want to say out loud. But that post was bigger than I first thought it would be. It made me feel extremely anxious when I was about to hit the publish button of something so stupid and uninteresting. It was the same feeling that I felt when I published my very first post ever. It was scary af, but I LOVE this feeling. This is what I need, I don’t know I just simply need it. It did not only race my heartbeat but raised my mood as well. That led me to a serious revelation; I have stepped out of my comfort zone, just to shut myself into a more uncomfortable one.

So, now I won’t reread this, won’t think about anything, just hit publish and I go to my job in that bittersweet reality.




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Little Words

So today I have finally written three hundred words, only in half an hour. Not for the blog of course, but that’s still something.

I have tons to say, too bad those million drafts won’t finish and publish themselves.


Just in Case

From time to time (mostly unintentionally) I disappear from the blogosphere for sometimes a short, sometimes a longer while.

This is usually because my “real” life takes the stage and I’ll be honest I am very bad at  balancing my duties with my desire, in other words I am perfectly unable to stick to a defined schedule.

So, just in case, I’ll check out for a while, at least until next Thursday, because on that day I will sit my final exam at university. (Yahoo!) And I also have a job…

I still miss blogging and the friends I made here and I really hope I can get back into the blogosphere fully as soon as possible.

Wish me luck!

Hugs ❤


Writing should never end.

Yeah, I know I haven’t been blogging too much lately, I’m really really sorry and it makes me so sad. But right now, I’ve just registered to the next Blogging University course, Writing 101. To be honest, I don’t know how I’m gonna balance it with my suddenly changed life but I want to blog. I love blogging, so I’m just gonna do it, I have to do it^^

I can’t wait April to come and I hope you’re gonna be with me on the next challenge to make my blog much much better.^^

Love to the blogging world! ❤