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Just in Case


From time to time (mostly unintentionally) I disappear from the blogosphere for sometimes a short, sometimes a longer while.

This is usually because my “real” life takes the stage and I’ll be honest I am very bad at  balancing my duties with my desire, in other words I am perfectly unable to stick to a defined schedule.

So, just in case, I’ll check out for a while, at least until next Thursday, because on that day I will sit my final exam at university. (Yahoo!) And I also have a job…

I still miss blogging and the friends I made here and I really hope I can get back into the blogosphere fully as soon as possible.

Wish me luck!

Hugs ❤


2 thoughts on “Just in Case

  1. Nominated you for the ‘Sisterhood of the World’ Blogger Award, because, you know, you’re simply luminous and I do love your blog. (Keep up the inspiring work!) 🙂 So yeah, if you’d like, you can go to my blog and read the rules under the post. X

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