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Monday Monkey and the Year of the Goat

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I am a Goat, no wait, that didn’t sound that ridiculous in my head. I was born in the Year of the Goat according to the Chinese horoscope.

On the very first day in this new year, exactly 20 February, my prayers were heard by someone and I goat got! a job! Yay! *-*

Yep, I got it on Friday, and I’m telling you only now! I know I’ve been bad, but to tell the truth, it is not only that I was afraid of shouting my luck away but also because recently I got a little out of inspiration.

Probably, or I think so, this is because I started living my life out of my head. I don’t only dream and create my world only inside my head but I’ve actually started living it. I am blogging, instead of locking everything up inside me, and I found job, because I (had and) wanted to. These are pretty great for me, I know, but I have to say, I feel a little lost now. I didn’t lose interest in writing my stories I just find it a little bit diffcult now. But I think as soon as I get used to the job, I will be quite the same again.

No, no. I’m not depressed, I am just exhausted. I was lucky enough to have the chance to study my job before I actually start it and it turned out – okay I’ve always known it – that I’m really bad at multi-tasking. I’m not a smart phone after all, and besides my phone is one the dumbest ones. But the point is that I’m certain I’m going to do the job well, while somehow manage to go on with my blog. It’s not that I won’t have time to write, but I possibly won’t have time to think. At least for a while.

I wasn’t about to post anything today but I just bumped into this quotation, and okay, let it speak for itself:

“Successful people are those, who not only do their job great, but also they are doing it when they don’t fell like it and even when others can’t see them.”

Emil Tonk (Translation by me)

Basically, this is what reminded me that I love blogging, and it works as a therapy for me better than anything else, and even if I feel a little bit stuck it doesn’t mean that I should end it. That option didn’t even popped into my mind! It only means that I have to try out something different that would fresh it, and also myself, up.

*jumping around the room out of happiness* Is it really Monday?


One thought on “Monday Monkey and the Year of the Goat

  1. Congratulations! How wonderful for you. You will figure out how to balance the work and your love to blog. You will be amazing at your job, keep learning and be true to yourself. In love and light Cheryle

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