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The Panic Project #2: Forbidden Game


Dolls are mysterious creatures. They are cute and utterly scary at the same time. Little girls usually befriend them. Pure white porcelain skin and shiny glass eyes with a constant smile. They are fragile, yet the touch of them is cold and hard. They are perfect and beautiful on the surface, yet they are nothing but empty on the inside. Though, they are simple objects, salves tied to invisible strings, used by others the way their puppet masters desire, while preserving the gentle expression on their faces, they are more than ready for a soul to imprison into them.

Their souls, if they have any, are hiding behind their their sweet faces. Looking them in the eyes raises several questions. Who they are really? What may they be thinking of? What story they would tell you if they could speak? Their existence is a mere mystery in itself. But what if they have their own wills, traits and personalities?

A single, seemingly accidental, stab in the chest and our heroine is dead. But has she really died?

Imagine waking up from the worst nightmare of your life. What would you do if you realised that your heart doesn’t beat anymore yet you were somehow still alive? If, all of a sudden, you were trapped in a body that seemingly does not function at all? Would you be scared?

Next post in the category will be published on 7 March. I’ll wait for you!


18 thoughts on “The Panic Project #2: Forbidden Game

  1. Your first sentence pulled me right in. My brother holds a strange paranoia for dolls and I don’t like them too!

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  2. I never liked dolls. I had one doll growing up. She was porcelain and quite the beauty. She sat on the top shelf of my closet. And every night when I slept she’d crawl down from her shelf and tickle me.

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  3. I have always liked dolls. After reading this post, I am considering my liking 😛
    They are scary, always staring and judging :S

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    • Noooo, don’t be scared 😀 It’s so hard to talk about without spoilers, but eventually you probably will like this doll…or not O.o Anyways, 😀 thanks for the comment, I think this post became scarier than I thought.

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      • Oh! I understand now and Noo! I didn’t like the doll!! :O
        I watched Ghost Hunt late at night and was never scared in my life as I was to watch the doll episode! I usually laugh at such horror stories but at that time I kept feeling goosebumps (and kept looking at my bedroom door) :O
        Haha the post wasn’t scary, I found it out of the box thinking – it was really cool 😀
        In fact I enjoyed reading it ! 😀
        (and I would have enjoyed the episode if it were morning at that time) 😛


      • Than, you will absolutely like the Bloodstained Labirynth 😀 To me it was scarier than the one with the doll! 😀 Btw how’s it so far? I’m curious 🙂

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      • Ooh I haven’t watched that one! I will watch it after Ghost Hunt I guess – and, in the morning 😛
        For now I love how they are making all the characters friendly with each other. Mai’s nickname “Narcissist Naru chan” was the most hilarious part! He goes like ” Where did you hear that from!” Made me laugh a lot xD
        Right now I finished episode 11 (the one where Hara is possessed) – so funny! 😀
        I m so glad you recommended this! 😀
        It is scary (esp at night) but funny at the same time! 😀

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      • Exactly 🙂 It is a great anime I’m glad you like it, it became my all time favourite immediately and I’ve watched it several times (and read the books and the manga 😛 ) Bloodstained Labrirynth will be in ghost hunt as well 🙂 I’m sorry, I’m really tired and my internet connection plays hide and seek with me. -.-

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      • Haha if you’ve read the manga, then I understand you liked it a lot! 😀
        Its in Ghost Hunt? Oh..
        Oh don’t worry! Bad Internet connection and tiredness really does demotivate from Everything! 😛
        Reply when it is convenient for you i dont mind! 😀
        And congrats on your job! I wish you Good Luck! 😀

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      • Yeah, I even wrote than with an ‘a’
        when I didn’t mean it that way.
        Oh and I’m rhyming now..this is wonderful 😀 Okay, now I see why my connection sucks, it’s really time to go to bed 😀
        Thanks for wishing me luck! I’m sure it will come in handy!^^

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      • Hahahaaha! 😀
        You should have joined the poetry class!
        Good night and Good luck! 😀

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      • After reading so many good poems I do regret not signing up :/ But next time! 😉

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      • Yeah! definitely next time! 😀

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      • Than, you will absolutely like the Bloodstained Labirynth 😀 To me it was scarier than the one with the doll! 😀 I also made the mistake of watching Ghost Hunt at night! 😛 Btw how’s it so far? I’m curious 🙂 Oh, and I’m glad you liked the post!^^


  4. Good opening..!
    Keep it up 🙂
    Waiting for March 7 ; )

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