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A Poem by my Boyfriend


From June 2013 during an exhausting exam period. I think most us know the pressure well. 😀

And since it’s Valentine’s Day, I thought I’d share this little pieve of cuteness 🙂 Hugs! ❤

To my love

I’m not quite sure why I wrote this,
Maybe in the hope of a kiss.
There are a few exams still left
And it’s indeed a pain in the ass.
But after everything is done
We will be together having some fun! 
Here is a kind poem for you
(This is new for me too.)
It prevents you from being blue.

In this poem, it might be my goal
To take care of your fragile soul.
If I accomplish this aim,
On Facebook, I shall have a little fame.

Please forgive me if this poem is lame,
For the mistakes and bad rhymes, I have no shame.
This poem ends now, I know you’re relieved,
And I hope the message of it is well received.


4 thoughts on “A Poem by my Boyfriend

  1. Oh my goodness, this is really cute. Especially the part where he’s saying sorry that the the poem is lame.. makes you want to hug him! =)

    Liked by 1 person

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