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Solid Self-esteem Pt. 2


Okay now, based on the previous post. I just got an idea how to improve my self-esteem a bit, not relying on other’s but relying on them at the same time.

Let me explain this.

I have an unhealthily low self-esteem, it’s a fact. As a result of this, I tend to lose heart at stuff I like, because I have pretty high expectations I feel I cannot live up to, and this makes me far too stressed to keep up the good(?) work. This need to be solved as soon as possible, so I came up with an idea that may help.

Here’s the method. I will compile all the comments from you guys and as well from others telling me you liked some of the stuff you found here and so on. Because these comment mean so much to me, you cannot even imagine. Then, I will make a montage from it and hang it on the wall right above my desk. So far so good?

True, at first thought this may seem self-praise and even suggest a tendency of egoism but in my case it’s definitely not that. Because, whenever I feel I cannot keep up blogging and writing, I’ll just look at them, and I will think, Okay, I made it once, twice, a few times, probably what I do is worthy, so why worrying? If I try I can possibly keep the pace, the quality and move towards to reach my goals. This sounds better now, right? Remember the example from the previous post? I’m not confident because of the job I have but because I can do that job. And it is an important difference.


2 thoughts on “Solid Self-esteem Pt. 2

  1. That’s a cool method to keep motivated. Good luck!

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