Iridescent Spirits

Shelter of a constantly changing Soul.



“Well, dear. I firmly believe that every one of us has some powers. Each different, that affects differently others around us. One is more visible, the other is not. But I am certain that such unexplainable powers do exist and we only need to find them inside us”

– Grandma from Viridian – The legend


8 thoughts on “Magic

  1. What powerful message in such a few words!

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  2. True wisdom. Yes it is the power which we cannot see that has all the answers. It is this inner power that we need to activate. We can only do this if we cast away our ignorance i.e., our ego, negativism, avarice and so on. So let’s work on shedding all our negativity and be kind to all 🙂

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  3. Yes I believe it too. Only I wish mine was to fly. And to move the vacuum cleaner with my mind. Would that count?

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  4. Very inspiring. Very powerful! Very true!

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