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CreatiWitty or Lacking Focus


‘Give ‘Em What They Want’ said the task today at Blogging U.

Strange. For some reason, ever since I was a child I always struggled to behave and act as others pleased. I think I was quite good at it even though sometimes it was pretty hard and harmful to me. Honestly, I am still trying hard to get rid of this really unhealthy habit.

Yet, or more likely because of this, sometimes I am stuck about what to post here. (Note to myself: Adding a ‘Diary’ category is starting to seem pretty reasonable.)

So, I checked the stats page and besides the things I already knew I found something pretty interesting I cannot really understand.

Firstly, you people appreciate honesty. I’m not surprised at all, this is why I like WordPress. I do not have to be afraid of being looked down if I talk about my problems. You don’t know how much I appreciate it. Moreover, according to the stats page the most popular topics (apart from blogging101,201, naturally) were creativity and mental health/panic disorder. Yes, if I had to describe my blog with a few words, these two would be in the first place. Concerning the days I got the most traffic I couldn’t put two and two together. Possibly that’s because of the unpredictableness of my activity here.

Now, the things I found interesting are the following:

  • When I worked pretty hard on a post (mainly on my stories) somehow they did not meet my expectations. Furthermore, the more I was satisfied with my writing, the less views I got.
  • On the other hand, the ones I wrote so hastily that I had to edit them even after they were published, and I found them fuzzy, hard to understand and lacking focus, gained not only the most views but also the highest number of likes and followers as well. So, I think I can say I really don’t know what is appealing and what is not.
  • Finally, I was told quite a number of times that I am courageous and unique. Honestly, I don’t think I am brave, I prefer calling it ‘rewarding insanity‘ ( 😀 ) which is when you are so fed-up with your fears that all of a sudden you don’t care about them anymore and you do whatever you just want. As for the uniqueness, hm.. I always knew I am a bit different.

So now, I’d like to invite you to participate in a little task here. 

Leave here some words or phrases, that pop into your mind when you think of my blog. (Don’t be afraid, I have my own ideas, I’m just curious.) And also, I would gladly accept any suggestions.

Ready? Set! Comment!


5 thoughts on “CreatiWitty or Lacking Focus

  1. Your honest. Get right to the point.

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  2. That cat at the end! 😀 😀 😀

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