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Goals, goals, goals!


Last month I published a post almost every day. If possible, I would like to keep the pace, or publish a new post at least twice or three times each week.

Secondly I’d like to make my fiction stories more appealing to my readers. This was the main purpose of my blog after all. Don’t be afraid, they don’t bite. 😛 (By the way, I also would like to improve my writing and drawing skills as well. :O Shh, it’s a secret…)

It's right there, in the upper right corner.

It’s right there, in the upper right corner.

My third goal would be, of course, to gain more followers, let’s say 200 by the end of March, and make friends with bloggers with similar interests as mine. Hopefully, we can support and inspire each other, or even collaborate. That would be fun!

I know the task says three goals, but there is one more wish of mine. I’d like to gain more followers on my Facebook page as well. I tried Twitter but that didn’t work for me somehow. Maybe in the future.

For now, that would be it. I hope the upcoming month or year will be as awesome as my January was. I happened to meet lots of incredible people who became not only my source of inspiration but also my friends. You are precious to me guys, really. 🙂

Thanks, and I hope you will stay by my side. 🙂



4 thoughts on “Goals, goals, goals!

  1. Why yes, of course 🙂 Loved your blog…being with you…

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  2. Good luck for your goals 🙂 I m wishing to like your fb page but I unable to find it on widget area.

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