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Regularity of an Iridescent?


Hm that is going to be interesting.

As a part of Blogging 101 we have the task to create a regular feature. Well, regularity and sticking to something steady has never been one of my strengths. I also have to say I am not going too well with the stories I’ve started my blog with but that’s kind of fine since I’m just like that. Sometimes, I prefer imagining them to actually sit down and write. That’s it.

But! As most of you probably know, I write stories as a form of self-therapy defeating my panic disorder.

So here’s my idea. Apart from The Colour Book of Spirits published here. I have two other and bigger projects I am working on simultaneously. (Yes, it’s not easy.) So, regular posts will, or may appear here reflecting those projects, more likely the one that is solely about my panic disorder. I haven’t found a cool name for it yet so temporarily, let’s just call it The Panic Project. As it is longer and more complex than the CBoS, I’m not sure if I will publish that here, but I’m planning posting about inspiration, facts, other relating thoughts, or maybe some excerpts of it. Like one of the previous posts I’ve Never Really Been a Good Student. That post was published on a Saturday, so let’s say this category will be refreshed on Saturdays in every two weeks. I’ll try my best. 😉

I know you guys prefer shorter posts and positive thinking but this is necessary and unavoidable.
So, what do you think? 😉




8 thoughts on “Regularity of an Iridescent?

  1. It is difficult to do things consistently. This is something I struggle with, my working life is somewhat chaotic, (got to love shift work) and I sometimes find that whole weeks have gone by without writing one of my stories or posting on my blog. Good luck with the Saturday posting, I look forward to reading.

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  2. I’LL keep hooked on saturdays..! Keep doing what you are doing,you are going great!
    Eagerly waiting to see those new projects,
    Hargun 🙂

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  3. Go with the flow – is my thoughts, in other words…. if the commitment to a structure helps then use it. If it feels like pressure allow yourself to be flexible.
    Any writing that comes from an ‘necessary and unavoidable’ place usually makes the best reading, don’t apologise!

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