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Disorder and Dystopia

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It was a rainy and dark evening. This girl was waiting for me in front of a huge, massive building. I haven’t seen her since primary school. She didn’t change at all.

The two of us headed to the hall, full of doors hiding elevators. We took one of them. I haven’t seen such an elevator before. It was quite narrow yet we had enough space even for an unfamiliar third person. They both hit buttons with different numbers. I didn’t know which level I was about to go. They told me nothing. But the girl from primary school told me I had to go to a higher level, and said it was good. When the elevator started I looked out on a little hole placed on the door. It didn’t look like as we were going upwards, instead as if we were twirling on the same level endlessly. I felt pleasantly dizzy.

The ride seemed to be lasting for hours when we finally reached our destination. On that higher level, I saw many familiar faces, friends and many other primary school classmates. They stood in a strict order with a very determined expression on their faces. All of them were calm and ready. Before I could say hi to one of my best friends, a black and heavy curtain was lowered on them. He didn’t even look at me. Then the girl and I went forward.

I still didn’t have any exact information about what I will have to do, yet the girl told me everything will be fine, and it means something good that I am here. I was quite nervous. The only thing I knew was that I will have to work in night shift and I was worried as I haven’t slept today.

Then I was led to a room, similar to the elevator where my work outfit was waiting for me. It had a dark bluish colour with shiny patterns on it, copying the midnight sky. It also looked like pajamas. Similar to that of those who I saw in the corridor and who was going to take the sleep-shift. I didn’t know what that meant, yet I hoped I will have to do something similar.

I put on the pajamas-like outfit and went to the girl.

“Will I get the job for sure?” I still couldn’t believe it. She didn’t answer my question only smiled.

All of a sudden, I found myself in a huge room full of computers and people working in deathly silence. The room was dark, only a few neon lights in various colours provided some light. The atmosphere was strict and unpleasant. That guy was in charge here. Though, he had the traits of the perfect leader the way he wieved the world was far too revolutionary and forceful. I felt very inconvenient, yet I continued working.

There was a bald guy sitting in front of me at his computer and I suddenly heard a dim voice coming from his headset. It was the voice of The Leader, and ordered the bald one to have one of the workers here killed. When I heard the names of the killer and the target The Leader chose, I got petrified. The one to kill was also one of my primary school classmates and the target was my best friend at that time.

I had a microphone on my desk and I whispered to my old friend to beware. She heard me so as the bald guy and the killer-girl struck. Behind me, there were the two of them, my friend lying on the floor unmoving and the other girl was sitting on her with something sharp in her hand. I knew terrible things will happen here, and that I was about to get punished.

And then, I woke up.


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