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Hey, Mysterious Stranger! I am right here, waiting for You!


If you read my previous assignment, then you know why I am (about to) posting fantasy stories. Besides those reasons I stated there, there are some more other, why I do this.

Maybe I’m not good at writing, maybe I am. I don’t really know. But I have to tell you, that I have a visual mind. All my characters and stories are sort of a live-action movie-like stuff and if I could draw, I would present my characters to you, so you could see them the way they really are. I’m sure that it would grab your attention more than this. 🙂 But relax, I’ve started sharpening the drawing skills of mine. 😉

I am also into the sound of the violin. It is my childhood dream learning to play it, and more importantly, that is what inspires me the most. Somehow, it affects my brain in a way that those stories just creep into my mind without noticing it. It’s like a background music. 🙂

I hope, when I’ll be able to attach everything that supports my stories like that, (pictures and music) you would appear at last.

Finally, I really hope that you would not only read all those stories and maybe even enjoy them but also understand them and learn the lessons they provide.

So, now let me show you the song that inspired my very first published story; Purple.

And also remember! Looks can be deceiving!

I hope you arrive soon, and until then, Hugs! 🙂


2 thoughts on “Hey, Mysterious Stranger! I am right here, waiting for You!

  1. Adrienn,
    This is beautiful! I love what you shared about yourself, your love of the violin, how music affects you, how your stories come…. You are a lovely fairy tale yourself and so refreshing. Keep on growing, learning, loving and being you! It’s me, Beverly from across the world!

    Liked by 1 person

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